bronze sculpture CLAUDIO  D'AGOSTINO


1994    President & Mrs. Clinton sculpture

About Me

My Background


Although I have always loved art, I am a self tought artist,I have met other artist and they have inspired me, I had to learn allot on my own and investing in ones self is a good feeling

My Medium


My first love was drawing & painting, then i was inspired by sculpture when i had oppertunities to see the master sculptors of Italy when I was in my teens and then I knew this was normal anf why I was born, to create and inspire others as well.

My Inspiration


My mother always inspired me and always told me to follow my dreams, although there have been many in my life who have inspired me as a person and artist, it will always be my mom who I am forever grateful to allowing me to be myself!

Claudio D'Agostino sculpture work

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